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Secrets of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before Book Revealed


Square Enix will release a Final Fantasy XIII-2 novel simultaneous with FFXIII-2 itself. Titled Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before, the novel will provide some insights you won't find while holding a controller.

A product listing at Ami Ami mentions the following sections:

  • Serah: Memories of Year AF0
  • New Bodhum: The Story Through AF3
  • Snow: Episode of the start of the journey
  • Rygdea and Bartholomew: Establishment of the Provisional Government and Secrets of the Creation of Academy
  • Noel: Wandering at the Ends of Time

(In the above, AF0 is the the name for the year in which the events of FFXIII took place. Years in FFXIII-2 are specified as years from AF0, so AF3 is the third year since.)

The book will be priced ¥1,470 and will be released on December 15.

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