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Fujisoft has ended its Wii movie streaming service Minna no Theater Wii (Everyone's Theater Wii). The service came to an end today, and the official site was replaced with a message thanking users.

Minna no Theater Wii first began service on January 27, 2009. To use the service, Wii owners had to download a special 500 Wii Point program from the Wii Shopping Channel. Movies and television shows could be rented for as little as 300 Wii Points for two days.

Fujisoft managed to get some major names on the service. When we last covered the service, in July 2009, Warner Brothers had signed on to offer movies like Batman Begins, 2001 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was released on the Minna no Theater Wii channel day in with its Blu-Ray and DVD release.

The service's cancelation was announced back in March. Fujisoft said then that the service had lost its uniqueness as users had a variety of other choices for accessing video content.

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