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How To Play Japanese Adventure Games and Shooters on Kinect

With Cave's Instant Brain, you can try both!


Instant Brain, the first adventure game from Cave shoot-em-up master Makoto Asada, offers an optional Kinect control mode. This allows us to see what it's like a control a Japanese style adventure game without a controller. And because the game includes shoot-em-up classic DoDonPachi as a mini game, we can also see what it's like to control a Japanese style shooter without a controller.

The adventure control scheme is shown above. You make selections by moving your hands through icons and holding momentarily when you want to confirm. To skip a message, gesture your hand to the right. To call out the dialog backlog (which allows you to review the conversations), you hold your hand above your head.

That's how the game handles the standard adventure game items. Instant Brain also has a photography component. You use your camera by holding your hands out to ready the camera, then moving your arm into a 90 degree position to snap the pic. You can also select between past pics via gestures.

For the DoDonPachi shooter mini game, shown above, the game fires automatically. You move your ship around with your main control hand. To use your laser, you move your other hand forward. To bomb, you move your other hand over your head.

The game, both its adventure and shooter components, can also be controlled via the standard controller. Here's a pic of the control scheme.

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