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Konami Sees Increased Earnings on Strong Social Games Performance


Konami's sales and earnings were up for the first six months of the year. Compared to the same period last year, sales were up 6.3% to 123,096 million yen, with net income up 173.4% to 11,462 million yen.

Strong performers over the period included Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 and Winning Eleven. The company's earnings statement made particular note of the success of GREE social game Drgaon Collection, which has four million players as of August 31 and has helped bring the total number of registered users for Konami's social games beyond the eleven million mark.

Social actually accounted for most of the revenue gains for the company's digital entertainment business. The digital entertainment business includes consumer video games, social games, e-Amusement and card games. Total revenues in this area were up from last year's 53.1 billion yen to 58.1 billion yen. Within this, social games rose from 5.1 billion yen last year to 16.9 billion this year. Consumer games dropped from 26.7 billion yen to 17 billion yen.

In consumer games, PS3 was once again the company's biggest platform, accounting for 37% of unit sales. PSP came in second with 23%, followed by Xbox 360 and Wii.

Japan was the top territory once again, with 3.04 million units sold, beating Europe's 2.52 million and the Americas' 1.66 million. Over the period, Konami sold 7.36 million software units, down from last year's 10.05 million.

A good amount of that loss was due to falling Metal Gear sales, as there was no Peace Walker this year. That will change over the final half of the year as Konami releases the HD remakes of Peace Walker and MGS2&3.

For the full year, the company revised its forecasts upward. It still expects sales of 258,000 million yen, but now expects net income to reach 18,500 million yen, instead of the 14,000 million it had previously forecast.

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