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Meet the Hostesses of Yakuza Black Panther 2

Sega teams up with idol group Idoling!! for PSP sequel.


Like all good Yakuza games, PSP's Yakuza Black Panther 2 will have a hostess component. Sega announced yesterday that Black Panther 2's hostesses will be from idol group Idoling!!.

First generation Idoling!! members Mai Endo and Erika Tonooka will join third generation Yurika Tachibana as in-game hostesses. Sega shared artwork and screens showing the girls' CG versions. Visit 4gamer for pics of the real life versions at the press conference where the tie-up was announced.

The girls are lending more than just their likenesses and names to the game. They also came up with their in-game hair styles and menus. Tonooka said that she selected a gaudy hair style that she could never wear in real life, and also filled the menu with her favorite foods (Tonooka is the one with the white flower in her hair in the real pics).

Speaking to the press following the press conference yesterday, series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi said that the game engine has been brushed up over the original, allowing for the girls to look cuter. He also mentioned more elaborate camerawork during the hostess component.

The hostess component will be more complex this time. You'll be able to go out with the girls on dates outside the hostess club, and the happenings during the dates will have an effect on the game.

Outside of the hostess component, Nagoshi discussed the game's combat system briefly. You'll fight as a single character and with a partner depending on the situation. The characters who fight alongside you depend on the scenario, but you'll sometimes get assistance from bystanders.

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