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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Has an AKB48 Costume

Band member designs her very own costume to appear as download content.


AKB48's Yuko Oshima won't just be starring in Final Fantasy XIII-2's commercial. Square Enix also had Yuko design a couple of costumes for the game.

Here are the initial sketches and the final results.

The theme of the black costume is "Exposure and Defense" (that's exposure in the sense of the costume exposing a lot of skin on girls). The red one was designed in the motif of Little Red Riding Hood.

Regarding the Exposure and Defense costume, Yuko explained in a press statement that Final Fantasy female characters often wear clothing that shows so much it makes one wonder if they could really fight. So, she attached the shield to the character's body (look closely -- it's there), allowing her to take part in battle.

Only one of these will make it into the game, released at some point as download content. Square Enix will be staging fan voting at the game's Judge13 campaign site to determine the winner.

Commercials highlighting the campaign will be aired starting November 15.

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