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A few weeks back, Konami's online Konami Style shop said that it would be bundling a "2012 AR Calendar" with an exclusive limited edition version of Beyond the Labyrinth. Today, we finally learned what this item is and how it will be used in the game.

The AR calendar is a monthly tabletop calendar that has AR markers which you can scan with your DS. Scan a given month, and the game's white-haired heroine will appear in AR form dressed in a variety of costumes.

Here she is with an umbrella and during Halloween.

The girl will also appear in costume in the game after special events.

Konami shared a brief video showing the AR component in motion. Here's the girl during showing her excitement as the sakuras bloom.

The AR Calendar is a Konami Style exclusive item. Konami Style only lists it as part of two limited edition bundles, and not on its own.

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