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Squenix, THQ, Ubisoft and Bethesda Planning Yoge Event in Akihabara

Overseas games get a push in Akihabara next week.

Square Enix, THQ, Ubisoft and Bethesda are all major publishers of western games, and they'll be teaming up to promote some of their biggest titles next week.

On November 19 and 20, the giant Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara will play host to the Overseas Game Demo Event. This event will offer playable builds of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Saints Row the Third, Assassin's Creed Revelation and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Call All of Duty and Saints Row will have already been released by then. THQ has prepared some special bonuses for those who buy Saints Row. For Assassin's Creed and Skyrim, Ubi and Bethesda will have bonus goodies for those who pre-order.

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