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This is PlayStation Vita's Content Management System

How you'll exchange content with your PS3 and PC.


Sony has in the past mentioned a "Content Management" program that you'll use to share data between your PlayStation Vita and your PC or PS3. Today, the newly revamped Vita official site was updated with a glimpse.

Content management is controlled from your Vita screen. Here are some of the tasks that Sony says you can perform:

  • Copy music, video and image data
  • Back up your Vita data
  • In case you don't have space on your Vita Memory Card, you can download games from PS Store to your PS3 or PC first.
  • Move Vita content that you've finished on to your PS3 or PC for storage.

To connect to your PC, you'll need to download a special program. This will be released at the Vita official site later, Sony said.

As for the PS3, the compatibility will presumably be implemented through a firmware update.

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