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Survey Reveals That Dark Souls is Enjoyable By Adults


This just in from Namco Bandai: the public feels that Dark Souls can be enjoyed by adult gamers.

Namco Bandai sent out a press release today with the results of a recent survey where it posed the question, "Do you believe Dark Souls a game that adults can get into?" 77% responded yes. 23% responded no.

In a free response section, survey takers made such comments as:

  • It's a game that the Famicom generation can't resist.
  • One of the charms is that you can't enjoy it relaxingly -- you could die in an instant and be taking back to the start.
  • The game has seamless movement and many shortcuts, so you don't feel stress when moving through the expansive maps.

The survey was conducted from September 28 through October 4 via the internet and received 102 responses from males ages 20 to 35.

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