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Play it! Take it! PS3!

Sony opens holiday promotional site for PlayStation 3.


PSP isn't the sole recipient of a holiday promotional push from Sony. The company also opened a PlayStation 3 promo site called "Yaruzo! Toruzo! PS3," or, roughly, "Play It, Take It, PS3."

The PSP site was centered on the system's newly released black and red color variation. The PS3 site is centered on the new Scarlet Red and Splash Blue systems. Sony posted some commercials for the system which you can access by clicking the "CM" link.

The "Take It" part of the campaign site name is a play on the name for Sony's Torne DVR player. The "Play It" part comes from all the games you can play, which Sony has categorized as:




And, Cry!

It's unclear why the "fight" panel has two games missing.

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