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Tales of Innocence R: Character Video and Gameplay Details

A look at Ricardo, and the two new gameplay systems.


Ricardo is the latest Tales of Innocence R character in the spotlight. Take a look at this short video showing the character in battle and conversation.

Namco Bandai also updated the system page at the Tales of Innocence R official site with details on a couple of new R exclusive gameplay systems, the Rave System and bond parameters.

The Rave System is an indication of the current intensity level of your party. As you strike your foes and connect combos, your Rave Gauge, shown in the upper left, will rise. But as you're hit, or when you're idle, the gauge will fall.

This gauge can reach four levels, and you can set a Rave Ability to each level. These Rave Abilities can be purchased at the Grade Shop you find in town using Grade Points. There are a variety of Rave Ability types. Some raise your attack strength, some recover your HP, and so-forth.

Bond parameters are an indication of how close two characters are to one another. You can check up on this value through a chart in the status menu. For each character, you can see a bar indicating the connections with other characters along with a one-line comment from each character. The value changes depending on your decisions in battle and during skits. Reach a certain level between two characters, and you'll get special events.

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