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Sega Seeks Miss Yakuza Candidates For Yakuza 5


Sega is changing up the formula just a bit for Yakuza 5. Rather than seeking out hostess wannabes (and former and future porn stars) to serve as models for the game's hostess component, Sega will be touring Japan in search of Miss Yakuza (which is a bit less eye catching if you write it in Japanese, Miss Ryu ga Gotoku).

As we detailed earlier this week, Yakuza 5 will take place in five cities: Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Sega will be touring these five cities early next year in search of potential Miss Yakuza girls.

The winning girls will appear in Yakuza 5 and also promote the game through commercials. Sega did not say in what capacity the girls will appear in the game. The the campaign page does not say anything about the game's hostess component.

The only condition for entering is that you be 18 and up. You have to also be female. If you're under 20, Sega wants your parents to write a statement saying that they permit you to enter the campaign.

For those who pass the initial paper judging, auditions will be held in each city from February 18 through March 4. Those who clear the first round of auditions will be invited to Tokyo to film a promotion movie and have their face captured in 3D. Sega will then hold online voting from March through June, with the final winners announced in June.

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