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Date Set for PlayStation Vita Ragnarok

Gamearts makes its HD portable debut early next year.


RPG fans who pick up a PlayStation Vita early on are going to be busy in early 2012. Just one week after Namco Bandai releases Tales of Innocence R, Gung-Ho will release Ragnarok Odyssey, an original RPG that's developed by Gamearts (Grandia, Lunar) and is based off the popular Ragnarok Online.

Ragnarok Odyssey will be released on February 2, priced ¥5,980 at retail and ¥4,800 as a download. The game will support one to four players via Ad-Hoc. You'll be able to save directly to the game card, so there's no need for a Memory Card if you buy the package release.

Joining the release date announcement, Gung-Ho shared the latest screens and art, along with details on the game's staff.

Odyssey is being directed by Kazuhiro Irie and has music from Kumi Tanioka, whom you'll recognize from such titles as Final Fantasy VIII, Xenogears, Parasite Eve 2, and Onimusha 2. CG house Robot is working on the game's opening.

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