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Namco Bandai Begins PlayStation 3 Karaoke Service

Access 78,000 songs for free through December 19.


Remember Joysound, the Karaoke system that Hudson brought to Wii and WiiWare a couple of years back? Now it's PlayStation 3's turn! Xing, maker of the Joysound system, and Namco Bandai have developed a PlayStation 3 version of Joysound called Joysound Dive, and it's available today!

To use Joysound Dive, you'll just need a PS3, a USB mic and a copy of the Joysound Dive app. The app is available through PlayStation Network as a free download.

Once you have the app, you'll have access to a library of over 78,000 songs. You'll need to buy usage tickets to access the library, of course. Tickets include a 24 hour all access option for ¥300 and a 30 day all access option for ¥1000. As part of a promotional campaign, Xing is making all songs available for free through December 19.

The Joysound Dive software includes advanced functionality for music and video playback. The program uses WB-DRIVE, through which PlayStation 3 units exchange data between one-another. This allows the system to retain 12Mbps average and 30Mbps max data transfer speeds for HD video. Additionally, the system's CELL processor is used for high speed encryption.

The software offers advanced karaoke features. You can use a "Layer Mixer" feature to create your own stylish backgrounds, mixing multiple video feeds straight from your PS3 hard disc. The program also allows you to check your tone in real time and record and replay your own singing.

In a joint press release announcing the service today, Namco Bandai and Xing said that they hope to reach 10% of the PlayStation 3 userbase within three years.

Access the Joysound Dive official site here.

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