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PlayStation Vita Versus Person's Thumb

Plus, see Vita on display at the Nagoya installment of the Play Caravan demo event.


You've seen lots of pics of PlayStation Vita. But how about some pics of someone's thumb touching the PlayStation Vita's face?

Someone snapped a bunch of pics of himself holding a PlayStation Vita. I think the pics are either meant to make you realize how slick the hardware looks, or how tiny the buttons are. Either way, take a look below!

I've also included a video clip of a news station's coverage of the Nagoya leg of Sony's PlayStation Vita "Play Caravan" demo event.

Thumb VS Vita

News Report

According to this news report, the Nagoya leg of the Play Caravan event has 33 kiosks set up. The report, which was aired on a mainstream news program, focuses on the system's touch controls and the availability of a model that can connect to the internet via 3G.

The first speaker at the end says that the screen is big and very beautiful. The dad at the end says that he's already pre-ordered and is currently considering how many games to buy. He adds that, because you can play the system when the TV isn't on, he can probably use it when the kids are asleep.

For further details on the caravan, and a schedule if you'd like to attend, see this story.

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