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7th Dragon Planned As Five Titles

Could we see more from the Sega and Imageepoch RPG series?


Impress Watch conducted an interview with 7th Dragon 2020 producer Rieko Kodama (Sega) and director Kazuya Niinou (Imageepoch) last week at Imageepoch's offices just ahead of the game's November 23 release. The two shared some insights into the game's development, and even hinted at more to come from the series.

The original 7th Dragon was a DS title with a fantasy setting. 2020 is a PSP title that's set in future Tokyo and has a more sci-fi based plot involving alien invaders and a resistance that fights them. Why the change?

Kodama explained that Sega spent six months holding internal discussions about how they should make a 7th Dragon sequel. In the end, they decided that they should target new users in the 15 to 25 age range on PSP.

Regarding the switch away from fantasy, Niinou explained that they'd originally considered a fantasy-based sequel, but because they were making the game for a new system, they felt that they should rethink the game from scratch.

The Tokyo setting was actually part of plan for the 7th Dragon series all along. According go Niinou, the original 7th Dragon plan called for five titles, four fantasy-based and one a gaiden/side story set in Tokyo. While they'd originally planned on releasing the Tokyo side story after the fantasy titles had finished, they decided to do it now because of the platform change.

Joining the change in setting, the game's character artwork changed to have human proportions rather than the cute big-headed designs of the original. Niinou explained that this change was made because they felt that since the setting was Tokyo, they should have cool characters.

Development on 2020 started in June of last year and lasted about one and a half years. Kodama joked that at the time development started, she was in the hospital and received the final design document there. Before she'd entered the hospital, the design document had been fantasy-based, but the document she received in the hospital was based in Tokyo.

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