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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Characters Appear in AR Form On your Cell Phone


Before you see them on your television, Final Fantasy XIII-2's primary cast will appear on your cell phone, although not through a game. Square Enix is holding a collaborative campaign with Xylish, a gum from food maker Meiji. Buy some Xylish gum, scan the package with a free app, and you'll get to see AR versions of the game's characters via your Smartphone.

The campaign will be held from December 5 through February 29. Over this period, you'll be able to download the free "Xylish AR Figure" app for your iPhone or Android phone. Scan the Xylish gum package, and Lighting will appear in 3D before your eyes. You can view the character from a variety of angles, and switch the character between two different actions.

If you want to see more than just Lightning, you'll need to purchase your gum from Lawsons or Circle K Sunkus. These two convenience stores will give away special character AR cards to those who buy two packs of gum. With these cards, you can see some of the other characters in AR form.

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