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Social Idolmaster Game Named Idolmaster Cinderella Girls


Namco Bandai has at long last shared first screens and details on the Idolmaster social game that was first announced a few weeks back. The game, now known as Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, will be released on the Mobage gaming platform shortly.

Like past Idolmaster games, you play as a producer and must work to produce a top idol unit. Unlike past Idolmaster games, though, you'll find over 100 idols in the game. Most are original, but you'll also find familiar idols like Haruka, Miki and Chihaya.

When you begin the game, you first select your idol type. You can choose from three types: "Cute" (includes cute and princess types), Cool (includes cool and beautiful types) and Passion (includes energetic and sexy types).

In the game's "Work" part, you make your girls work, building up experience and earning money. Once the girls have cleared all the work in a particular area, they face off against a rival. It's during the work component that you'll meet new idols and unlock new costumes.

You'll also need to make your idols go through "lessons" and "special practice." In the lesson component, you select an idol you'd like to grow and a partner idol. As the two practice, the idol you're building up will gain experience. However, the partner idol will end up leaving the unit. You'll be able to meet the lost idol once again during the work component or via the game's idol gacha component.

Once you've powered up your idols, you can face them off against other players in the game's Live Battle component. Win at this, and you'll gain more fans and steal your opponent's clothing.

You can also team up with other players to cooperatively produce an idol unit.

Helping out in your production work will be an assistant, Chihiro Senkawa. She sent out a message, which Japanese readers will find at 4Gamer.

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