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New Love Plus Demo Hits 7-Eleven on December 8

Demo being offered as part of new Nintendo Zone service at convenience chain.


Just when you thought digital love would have to wait until February 14, Konami has found a way to give players a sampling of New Love Plus before the end of the year. A demo for the 3DS title will be released on December 8. You'll recall that December 8 was the original release date for New Love Plus before its delay to February 14.

The demo was announced today not through Konami, but through 7-Eleven. The convenience store chain is launching its new 7 Spot wireless service on December 1 at locations throughout Tokyo. This service includes a version of Nintendo's Nintendo Zone retail download service called "7 Spot De DS." The New Love Plus demo will be distributed through 7 Spot De DS from December 8 through December 21.

It's unclear if Konami plans wider availability for the demo. However, the wording in 7-Eleven's press release suggests that the 7 Spot De DS demo is just an advance release and the demo will be available through other channels at some point.

New Love PLus will also be part of a stamp rally through 7 Spot De DS that will be held from December 1 through December 21. Unrelated to 7 Spot De DS, 7-Eleven will sell limited edition New Love Plus themed Nintendo Prepaid Cards starting on December 8. As one might expect, these will be available in three varieties.

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