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Sony Details New PlayStation Vita Commercial Campaign

Uncharted and Hot Shots Golf to feature in upcoming spots.


Sony shared details today on the second round of PlayStation Vita commercials. Following the biker teaser spot that began airing on November 23, a new set of spots starring actors Eita and Ryuhei Matsuda will begin airing on December 1.

The tag line for the new commercial campaign translates to "If we play, we're friends," meaning by playing games together, people form strong bonds with those around them. The spots will show Eita and Matsuda playing with a number of people in a school that has been fitted with a massive 30x16.8 meter screen showing real time Vita gameplay.

Uncharted will be the focus of the first spot which will feature Eita on his own. Eita was also the biker in the original spot.

A second spot, scheduled to air starting December 8, will focus on Hot Shots Golf 6. Both Eita and Matsuda will appear in this, with Matsuda dressed in golf attire.

Sony shared a few images of the spots ahead of their airing date.

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