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First Look: Konami's Multiplayer Co-Op Shooter Steel Chronicle


Konami has opened an official site for Steel Chronicle, its new network co-op action shooting game that will be released to arcades in early December. Access the site here.

The site has a look at the game's background story, and details on two key elements: Hounds and Steel Suits. Hounds are members of a combat unit that face off against the steel insects that threaten mankind. Steel Suits are the special outfits the Hounds wear when heading out to battle. They come in a variety of forms, equipped with a variety of weapons.

The site also provided a thirteen minute video of the game in motion, which you can see here.

Steel Chronicle makes use of a currency called "STE" to play. This currency is purchased through actual money. 1,000 STE will get you about 10 minutes of play time. However, you can also deplete it by creating new weapons and colors for your Steel Suit.

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