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Dragon Quest X: Chatting, the Monk Job, Job Changes and the Latest Monsters


Our latest Dragon Quest X update covers such areas as communication, the monk job, the job change system, and, of course, the latest monsters. Check out the details and screens below.


Dragon Quest X includes a variety of options for communicating with your fellow players.

You can press a single button to bring up a window with a number of preset lines. These lines come in default varieties, or you can edit your own.

You can also attach a physical gesture to the line. The gestures vary not just based off your character's race, but by gender as well.

The game includes separate line lists for exploration and when out in battle, allowing you to set more battle-specific lines.

For those who want more robust communication, the game supports free text input via USB keyboard. You can set who gets to see your text, with such options as "all those in the area" and "just your party members." Your comments are stored in a log for future reference.

Monk Job

The third of six basic jobs is the monk. This job has relatively low HP and attack strength, but is skilled with recovery magic.

As weapons, monks have three basic types: spears, clubs and sticks.

A stick may not sound like much, but when you connect an attack with a stick, you suck up your foe's MP.

Job Changes

We've thus far been introduced to the game's monk, warrior and martial artist jobs. Like DQIX, you're not permanently fixed with a particular job. You can go to the branch office of Dharma's Shrine to change your character's job, freely switching between the basic jobs. In general, skills that you've learned (by distributing skill points to your weapons) carry over to the new job, although some are job specific.

When you change a job, your character keeps his level in the previous job, so you can easily return back to the previous job to continue building the character up.

Latest Monsters

This week, we have pics of three new monsters and three returning monsters.

The newcomers are (left to right) Temaneki Ring, a creature which releases fire balls from a ring on its finger, Summer Wolf, a creature that's good with sleep spells, and Hotate Wallabe, a combination scallop and wallabe.

Returning from past Dragon Quests are Caterpillar (from DQIII), Gizmo (from DQIII) and Dasshuran (from DQVII).

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