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Square Enix's Galaxy Dungeon is From Chaos Rings' and Moon Diver's Takehiro Ando


Yesterday, we shared screens and a few details on Galaxy Dungeon, a new social game from Square Enix for GREE Platform. We've since learned that the game comes our way from Takehiro Ando, producer of Chaos Rings and Moon Diver.

Only a few details on the game have been shared so far. You take command of a battalion of mecha bishojo and explore dungeons, while also building up your space ship. The game is said to be a "card battle RPG," so, as shown in the screenshots, you'll presumably be using cards for combat.

A Japanese release for Galaxy Dungeon is planned for May 2012. Overseas plans are currently unannounced.

Square Enix also showed first artwork for Emperors SaGa yesterday. This new entry in the SaGa series was originally announced at Tokyo Game Show and planned to go into closed beta in the Fall, but Square Enix decided that it needed to be released not just on feature phones but smart phones as well, so they changed the schedule. It's now planned for release in Summer 2012. As with Galaxy Dungeon overseas plans are currently unannounced.

These additional details were shared during a press conference that GREE held in Tokyo yesterday. For a look at the conference and its presenters, see 4Gamer's coverage.

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