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Monster Hunter 3G Demo Available Today

Plus, a commercial, Deviljho screens, a review score, and more!


Monster Hunter 3G's demo hit retailers on schedule today. But you don't have to head out to Bic to try the game out. Coinciding with today's 3DS firmware update, the demo was also released to the e-Shop as the first downloadable demo for 3DS. The downloadable demo had previously been listed as just "coming soon."

As we mentioned before, the downloadable demo can only be played 30 times before it goes kaput (actually, we're not sure what happens if you cross the 30 limit mark -- you'll have to find out on your own).

We have three other bits of Monster Hunter 3G news today, and we're putting it all in one story for your convenience.

First up, a review score. Famitsu gave the game two 10s and two 9s. This isn't quite as high as the perfect rating MH3 got on Wii, but it's still among the highest rated games of the year. The reviewers remarked that the game can be played for a long time, and the bottom screen is convenient.

Next, a gameplay-filled commercial. This is the third such spot that Capcom has released for the game.

Finally, some screens of the 3DS version of Deviljho, who first debuted in Monster Hunter 3 and was also in Monster Hunter Portable 3G.

Deviljho and more await when Monster Hunter 3G hits retail on Saturday.

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