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Frontier Gate: Suikoden, Love Plus, Beyond the Labyrinth and Gradius Collaborative Equipment


We previously reported that tri-Ace's PSP action RPG Frontier Gate will have collaborative equipment from three totally unrelated Konami titles, Love Plus, Suikoden and Gradius. Today, Konami announced a fourth collaboration, this one a bit more related: tri-Ace's own 3DS dungeon RPG Beyond the Labyrinth.

You'll find screens of all the collaborative equipment below. The items will be distributed as post release download content. Konami did not say if it will be free or paid.


The classic Gradius ship Vic Viper becomes a dual handed sword that shoots lasers.


The Love Plus armor is, as you might have expected, themed around schoolgirl outfits. It looks like the game doesn't place any gender restrictions on who gets to equip the outfits.

When you equip Love Plus armor, the background music during battle changes to the Love Plus title theme.


We've included a comparison pic of Beyond the Labyrinth's heroine on 3DS.

From Beyond the Labyrinth


Similar to the Love Plus equipment, when you equip the Suikoden equipment, the battle music changes to Suikoden's theme song.

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