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Life Size Love Plus Girlfriend Calendars Coming This Month


Any sense of reality from Love Plus is lost when you remember that the girls are confined to a three inch screen. This is likely to be a problem with the digital girlfriend genre until the Nintendo 4DS arrives with its built in projector capable of projecting the girls onto a wall (or other surface of your choosing).

Until then, you'll have to make do with these life-size calendars.

Priced ¥8,400 each, the 580x1800mm calendars are due for release on 12/29.

The calendar part of the calendar, way down at the bottom, has the girl's birthday marked. Love Plus fanatics like to celebrate their digital girlfriend's birthday with cake and real gifts (and who knows what else!) so this should be a handy feature.

Life size Nene, Manaka and Rinko can be yours through Konami Style.

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