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Famitsu.com has posted first pics of Samurai & Dragons, the new action and strategy hybrid from Sega for PlayStation Vita. The site also shared a few additional details about the game.

Although the name is "Samurai & Dragon," the game is set in a world with a variety of character types from different eras, including samurai, dragons, mummies and ogres. You play as just one adventurer in this world of many races and your goal is to take over the world.

The game's action part, which is set in a dungeon, can be played cooperatively by four players. When you defeat the boss in the depths of the dungeon, you'll earn equipment and rewards, including monster cards for use in the battle part.

The battle part is where you build up your city. You do so by acquiring resources and building up a monster army using the cards that you earned in the action parts. You then use this army to attack other territories. Other players are also fighting for world supremacy on the same land as you. You'll need to choose between fighting and forming alliances.

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