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PS3 Spelunker Designer Forms Tozai Games

New firm to handle Spelunker and Lode Runner in Japan.


There's a slightly deeper story to our report earlier today about Tozai Games having acquired the rights to Minna de Spelunker from Irem. Tozai Games is actually a brand new company formed by Takuya Banno, lead game designer of Minna de Spelunker.

Tozai Games was officially formed on August 18, but the company announced its formation today in a press release posted to its newly opened official site. The company was formed with Sheila Boughten and Scott K. Tsumura of North America's Tozai Inc.

Tozai Games has an exclusive contract with Tozai Inc. to handle Spelunker and Lode Runner product in Japan. The company will be handling planning, production and sales of games for home game systems, cell phones and PC.

We'll be getting some details on Tozai's plans for Spelunker at a press conference on the 16th.

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