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One Piece Pirate Musou Gets a PS3 Bundle

Plus a few gameplay details. And find out how you can play in advance!


Along with confirmation of a release date, Weekly Jump reveals this week that One Piece Pirate Musou will get its own PlayStation 3 hardware bundle. The magazine does not share a price or details on the bundled version's design (assuming its not just a stock PS3 unit, of course).

In grand Musou fashion, Namco Bandai will also be releasing a Treasure Box for the game. Priced ¥12,390, this includes a variety of goodies, along with a download code for a custom theme collection.

One Piece Pirate Musou, a crossover between the One Piece anime/manga franchise and Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors/Shin Sangoku Musou series will be released on March 1. The game's standard version will sell for ¥8,190.

Surprisingly little has been shared about the game since its announcement a few months back. Jump has a few gameplay bits this week, revealing that the game has two primary components: adventure stages and "Musou" stages. The adventure stages appear to have platforming elements. The "Musou" stages are like Dynasty Warriors, placing the One Piece cast against hoards of enemies.

The magazine also confirms that the game will make its playable debut at Jump Festa next week, so those who can't wait until March 1 should head out to Makuhari Messe for the event.

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