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Irem Shutters PlayStation Home Lounge and Removes PSN Titles

You'll have to go retail to get Doki Doki Suikoden now.

More carnage involving Irem, the once publisher of games like Disaster Report, Bumpy Trot and R-Type.

The company announced late last week that Minna de Spelunker (PS3) will cease distribution on PlayStation Network on the 12th. On the 20th, Doki Doki Suikoden (PSP) and Minna de Spelunker Black (PS3) will cease PSN distribution. All download content, videos, and custom themes related to these games will also cease distribution. The Doki Doki Suikoden lounge will also be shuttered on PlayStation Home.

The company did not why it's clearing out these product. Regarding Spelunker, Irem has passed the rights on to newly formed Tozai Games, who will be announcing its plans for the Spelunker series as a whole on the 16th.

With this announcement, Irem's presence in the video game world has essentially been reduced to pachinko games and Virtual Console titles. The company still has a Home lounge devote to Pachi Para. The non-pachinko based PSN games on its product page, including Irem classics in the Game Archives lineup, were dropped in August.

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