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Metal Gear Rising Reborn With New Name and Platinum Games as Developer


After over a year of silence, Metal Gear Solid Rising came back into the spotlight today, but not in the form that we knew it at its original announcement. Konami confirmed that the game is being developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta) and also announced a new name: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (notice that the "Solid" is missing).

A first trailer for the reborn Rising was shown at today's Video Game Awards event in America. Kojima and Platinum's Atsushi Inaba took to the stage at the end of the event, dressed in matching Raiden t-shirts, to announce the collaboration which had been rumored (and denied) as far back as June.

Joining the name, the game has undergone a change of time frame. Instead of taking place between MGS2 and MGS4, it will now take place after MGS4.

For some background details on the game's transformation and Platinum's involvement, see the newly opened official site. The site also has the game's VGA trailer.

From the official site:

"The main character, Raiden, was once feared as the child soldier 'Jack the Ripper' on the front lines of the First Liberian Civil War. Now, his combat mastery is channeled through a cyborg body as the strikes from his high-frequency blade slice even massive assault drones in two. Raiden is contracted for VIP protection, military training and other duties by PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies) in a developing country piecing itself back together after a bloody civil war. Little does he know that the stage is set for a clash with an enigmatic force of countless cyborgs.

"Reborn at the hands of Platinum Games, METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE pits cyborg against cyborg in battle that blazes past every human limit!"

The game's credit list has, form the Kojima Productions side, Hideo Kojima as executive producer and Yuji Korekado as producer (Korekado's involvement was announced a few weeks back). From Platinum's side comes Atsushi Inaba as producer. The lead programer and artist are also from Platinum. The site does not list the game's director.

The official site promises a video titled "The Truth Behind Rising" which will debut on the 13th and detail how the collaboration came to be.

Official Screenshots

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