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Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launch Event


Square Enix said today that it will host a launch event for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

It did not say where or when the event will take place. The only hint we were given is that the event will be held, like past FF launch events, early in the morning.

If past tradition holds, the event will take place at 6:45 in the AM at the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya (that's where events for FFXIII and Type-0 were held).

This tease actually isn't much of a surprise, as the Square Enix Judge 13 campaign site previously teased a launch event, and (even more of a tease) announced that AKB48's Yuko Oshima would appear at the event dressed in this:

The Final Fantasy XIII launch event had a bunch of celebrities who had nothing to do with Final Fantasy XIII (although I bet Yoichi Wada didn't mind too much).

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