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Army Corps Of Darkness Demon King Recommends Uncharted at PlayStation Vita Launch

But buy his game too!


Famitsu.com is hosting a series of creator interviews leading up to PlayStation Vita's launch this Saturday. First up is Square Enix's Army Corps of Darkness, represented by the wise cracking Demon King who handles the game's Twitter account.

The Demon King answers a number of questions in the interview. The game's target audience is all of humanity, he says. He also answered some personal questions. Asked who his rival is, he said, "I don't have a rival. I'm invincible."

As a closing message, he said, "Please buy Army Corps of Darkness alongside Uncharted."

Famitsu also posted a longer interview with the game's producer, Takamasa Shiba. He took the more Yoichi Wada fearing stance and asked that you buy Army Corps of Darkness alongside Square Enix's other launch title, Lord of the Apocalypse.

Visit Famitsu.com's story for more pics of the Demon King.

Famitsu writes of the picture, "The Demon King, standing against the backdrop of Shinjuku at night. Will he next appear in Final Fantasy Versus XIII?"

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