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PlayStation Vita Friend Network Site Opens

Make friends with Toro and Kuro the cats!


Sony's early PlayStation Vita lineup is packed with games that will compete for your cash on launch day. Here's one item that won't compete for your cash, because it's free.

Sony opened an official site today for Minna to Issyo Friend Network, a downloadable Vita app that's meant to assist in online friend making.

Using the app, you create a profile. Based off your profile, the app searches for friends who match you, and suggests that you add them to your PlayStation Network friend list. If you see someone you like, you can exchange business cards with them, increasing your friend count.

You can perform activities with your friends, including building a garden and engaging in work activities. Perform work, and you'll earn MP (Minitsu Points), which can be used to create your custom business card and purchase costumes for dress up.

Minna to Issyo is part of Sony's Docodemo Issyo series and features Toro and Kuro the cats (who are also scheduled to appear in Street Fighter x Tekken next year). The Minna to Issyo Friend Network app can access content from the Weekly Toro Station news cast that's currently available on PSP and PS3.

PlayStation Vita early adopters should make sure they log on to PlayStation Network and obtain this free app.

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