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Control PlayStation 3's Marvel VS Capcom 3 With PlayStation Vita

Plus, screens and details for the new Heroes and Heralds update.


The PlayStation Vita version of Marvel vs Capcom 3 has some unique connectivity with the PlayStation 3 version of the game. The PS3 version can be played using the Vita as a controller. Capcom refers to this system as "Ultimate Controller."

We already detailed how the Vita (and, via the Ultimate Controller support, the PS3 too) supports optional touch controls for controlling the action. Even if you're not too keen on moving fully controlling your character via touch, the touch screen can be used to quickly tap out special moves. The touch panel can be customized with four of your favorite moves.

The Vita version also adds some handy replay functionality to the game. You can play back your matches, pause, forward, show button presses, and even surround your characters in hit boxes! The Vita version is compatible with Leaderboards, allowing players to upload their play videos. This means that you can download high caliber play from other players and use the game's replay functionality to improve your game.

There's some disturbing news to report for collectors. The MVC3 official site says that the Vita version's instruction manual will be digital, included within the game. It's unclear if this is just for MVC3, or if other Vita games will also skimp out on the paper manuals.

In other Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 news, Capcom will be releasing the game's Heroes and Heralds update on the 19th. This major free update adds a number of updates, which are detailed at the official site.

Heroes and Heralds Screenshots

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