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At six minutes, this second trailer for Dream Club Zero Portable is long enough that you won't have to waste your money buying the game at Vita's launch on the 17th.

The PlayStation Vita makes scenes like this even more offensive:

While this banana mini game was in the Xbox 360 version, now you have to slide the banana into her mouth with your finger.

But look what happens if you try touch where you shouldn't touch!

Other new Vita specific features shown in the trailer include:

Over 100 high res bromides for the girls. These can be viewed in "tate" vertical mode. You can also use PlayStation Vita's Near service to exchange bromides.

Also new for the Vita is "Cheek Dance," a motion controlled dance mode. You have to be careful about getting too close when you dance!

The Vita version adds a new "Dream Snap" AR photo mode.

Other new features shown in the video were already covered here, including new clothing for all the girls, and a mode where you can pretend you're a dog. Even though you're very, very ugly, the girls will allow dog you to get closer to them... and they'll even make naughty, uncomfortable sounds!

Dream Club Zero launches with the PlayStation Vita on December 17. Do not buy it.

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