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Sony Begins PlayStation Game Music Service

Music from Final Fantasy, Yakuza and Monster Hunter on your mobile device.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan kicked off its new "PlayStation Game Music" service today. This service gives users of select mobile streaming services access to music and other audio sources related to the PlayStation family of game hardware.

Sony previously offered first party music content to mobile streaming services under the temporary name of "PlayStation Game Music Feature." The finalized PlayStation Game Music service adds third party game software and non-music sources.

Launching with the service today are such properties as Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Monster Hunter series, the Dynasty Warriors series and the Yakuza series. Sound effects and chimes include the PlayStation 3 startup sound and the sound effect you hear when unlocking a trophy.

Users of streaming audio services from such companies as NTT Communications, MTI, Enterbrain, Oricon and Dwango can access the "PlayStation Game Music" corner starting today. Streaming services from other companies will be added in the future.

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