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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster Group Pic

Scenes from last night's pre-release special that aired on BS11.


Here are some of the monsters you can convert into battle partners in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Ignore the people.

XIII-2's new monster collection component was one of the many topics discussed during the game's pre-release special that aired on BS-11 last night.

The show also provided a glimpse at the game's creature design work. Each creature took about a month to complete.

The show was hosted by Sazh voice actor Masashi Ebara and included guest appearances from director Motomu Toriyama, producer Yoshinori Kitase, songstress Mai Fukui and Noel voice actor Daisuke Kishio (this is similar to the guest list of today's launch event).

Here are a few additional pics from the special.

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