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Gust PlayStation Vita Game Possibly Revealed in Dengeki

Gust's last game was Atelieru Meruru on PS3. The company was recently acquired by Tecmo Koei.

Gust posted a job listing ahead of the PlayStation Vita's launch indicating that it was working on the new portable hardware. The new game may have just gotten its reveal in the latest issue of Dengeki.

The usual magazine leak sources are reporting that an ad in Dengeki PlayStation shows a new Gust game this week. The ad does not give the game's name. It also doesn't list a system, but there are apparently some indicators that the game may be for PlayStation Vita (we're not sure what those indicators are at present).

The ad introduces a character named Ionasaru Kukururu Prishel (yes, I've probably totally butchered the name... here's the katakana: "イオナサル・ククルル・プリシェール"). What's interesting about this character is that she appeared about a month ago in the background of a Famitsu interview with Flight Unit. In the image's caption, Famitsu wrote that a producer from a certain publisher had come to Flight Plan to do a character check.

It looks like this particular reveal is meant to have an air of mystery about it, as Gust will be starting a campaign where fans can guess what the game is about based off a few screens and pieces of art.

This hopefully means we'll get a look at whatever content is in Dengeki later this week.

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