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Everyone Can Experience New Love Plus This Christmas

You'll get to find out if it's like this tomorrow!

Konami's 3DS demo of New Love Plus will cease to be a 7-Eleven exclusive tomorrow (12/21). Konami said today that the demo will become available for general download via the nintendo e-Shop tomorrow.

The demo has been available through 7-Eleven's new 7 Spot de DS download service since December 8. The e-Shop demo has the same content as the 7-Eleven demo.

You'll need to have 60 megabytes of space on your 3DS to make the download. As with other 3DS demos, you'll only be able to boot the demo up 30 times from the Home menu. Konami also said to allocate about five minutes of time for the game to create a save file on your SD card during the first bootup.

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