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Namco Bandai Readying Gundam UC Special Version for PS3


It was pretty much a given that Namco Bandai would release a limited edition of some form with the PS3 adaptation of Gundam Unicorn. Famitsu has first details this week.

The "Special Version" includes an extra Blu-ray disc and a novel, all in elaborate packaging that any Gundam fan would love to add to their collection.

The Blu-ray, titled "Gundam UC Collector's Disc" has a digest covering the first three episodes of the anime, interviews with the staff and cast, and a digest video of episode 4's premier, "Film & Live," which was held on October 1.

The novel is titled Gundam UC: Sengo no Sensou (literally, "War After the War"). Written by Gundam UC author Harutoshi Fukui, this novelization tells the before and after of the Sengo no Sensou episode that will be released for the game as download content. The book has a cover from Hajime Katoki.

We don't have pricing information yet. Both the standard and special versions of Gundam UC are due out in Spring 2012.

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