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Dragon Quest X: Housing System and Thief Job

Build your very own my home in the online Dragon Quest game.


Today's update on Dragon Quest X unfortunately does not include the story screens that appeared in Jump this week (details here). Instead, Square Enix shared screens for the last of five base jobs, the thief, and also provided a look at the game's new "Housing System."

Housing System

The major cities in each of Dragon Quest X's five continents have a "residential area." Players can purchase a lot of land in this area and build their very own house.

To build a house, you'll need to first acquire a "House Kit." There are many different types of house kits, corresponding to different exteriors and sizes. You'll have to buy according to your budget. In addition to the kit, you can also make modifications to your house by collecting materials and making parts.

As you'd expect, you're free to layout your house's interior, placing furniture where you'd like. If you're an artisan (details on the artisan system here), you can set up equipment in your home, converting it into a personal work space.

You have the final say in who gets to actually enter your house. You can make it into a public space for all to enter. Or you, can limit it to just friends.

Thief Job

This last of five basic job introductions gives us a close look at the thief job. Thiefs use daggers, whips and claw weapons. They can also learn a variety of spells.

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