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Gundam Unicorn Special Edition Packaging

Plus details on customization and control options.


Here's the packaging for the Gundam Unicorn's Special Edition that we detailed earlier in the day.

For details on what's included, see this story.

Famitsu.com provided a new look at the game today corresponding with coverage in the latest Weekly Famitsu. Visit Famitsu.com for screens.

The site reveals that the game has two types of controls: Normal and Assist. Normal requires that you select sub weapons manually. Assist simplifies the controls, allowing you to just mash square and triangle, with the game automatically selecting your weapon based off enemy distance.

The game also includes customization options. By using points that you collect as you play, you can customize your pilot and Mobile Suit in multiple areas. Pilots can be "tuned" in aiming, basic control, step control, dash control and fuel control. Mobile Suits can be tuned in armor, defense, lock, fuel and efficiency.

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