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Job Listing Suggests Imageepoch Developing Bishojo RPG for PS3

Image from Last Ranker (Capcom/Imageepoch)

A job listing at Tenshoku-EX seeks 3DCG background effect designers to work on an RPG for the PS3. The listing says that the game will show mysterious bishojo engaging in combat.

While the listing does not name the company of employment, it does provide a location: Tokyo's Minato Ward, 7 minutes from Hamamatsu-cho Station, 4 minutes from Hinode Station and 10 minutes from Daimon Station. This would match Imageepoch's Tokyo office just perfectly.

Imageepoch's office is flagged by A. Hamamatsu-cho Stn. is to the upper left. Hinode Stn. is to the lower right.

[via My Game News Flash]

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