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Namco Bandai shared screens and details today for the arcade Gundam VS Extreme followup Gundam VS Extreme Full Boost.

Boost adds a number of new features to the basic gameplay of VS Extreme, including a new "Boost Attack" system. Press the fire, melee and jump buttons simultaneously, and you'll unleash a powerful boost attack.

The game will also have other new systems, but Namco Bandai is keeping these secret for now.

New Mobile Suits are on the way, of course. The lineup currently includes Strike Noire, Freedom Gundam, Zeong, The-O and Gottratan.

With Boost, the Gundam VS card system will be updated to the Namco Bandai's common Bana Passport system. The game will also add new customization options for customizing your pilot and player navigator.

Customize your pilot
Customize the navigator

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