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Sony Hong Kong Shows New PlayStation Vita Apps at Asia Game Show

Alarm clock and paint program coming next year.


This year's installment of Hong Kong's largest game event, the Asia Game Show, came closely behind the Hong Kong release of PlayStation Vita. Not surprisingly, Vita had a major showing at the event, with 30 kiosks showing games like Gravity Daze/Rush, Uncharted and Tales of Innocence R.

Impress Watch reports that Sony also showed a couple of new Vita apps during a stage event.

Wake-up Club is an alarm clock app which runs in the background and can alert you even when you're using the Vita for games and other activities. The app is network ready, allowing users to send "wake up" messages to other users. The app is apparently Trophy ready.

The other new app is Picture Park. This Paint-style program allows you to draw via the touch screen. You can also make scribbles over your pictures. Using ad-hoc, you can send your drawings to other players. The app will also have a "Contest Mode" where users are asked make a drawing in a particular theme. The drawings are then voted on by others.

Both apps will be released in early 2012.

Visit the Impress Watch story for photos of Sony's full showing at the Asia Game Show, including Final Fantasy XIII-2's Chinese language debut, a Dynasty Warriors Next stage event, a Street Fighter x Tekken stage event featuring antics from Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, and lots of Toro and Kuro.

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