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Mega Famitsu Rumor: Gundam Seed Destiny for PS Vita


The mega hot rumor from this week's Famitsu concerns PlayStation Vita's first Gundam game. The magazine apparently has a first look at Gundam Seed Battle Destiny, which is being developed by Artdink for Vita release in the Spring.

Only a few details about Battle Destiny have leaked out from the magazine. You play the game as a unit of two. The game will support co-op play (although we don't know yet if it's local or internet). Contributing titles included Seed, Seed Destiny, Seed CE73, Seed MVS, Astray, X Astray and VS Astray.

Assuming this report is true (and it probably is, so go ahead and tell mom!), we'll hopefully have more details tomorrow when Famitsu info usually leaks out.

Random Gundam Seed Destiny artwork.

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