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The Japan Red Cross will be setting up a blood drive spot at this year's Comic Market 81 event. To entice attendees to visit the blood drive area and give a few milliliters, Alchemist and four other companies have announced a poster campaign.

Give 400 ml of blood, and you'll get one of 2,000 A1 posters, like the Gal Gun poster shown above. The Gal Gun poster is Alchemist's contribution to the blood drive. Type-Moon, Minato Soft, Overdrive and Nekoneko Soft will also be contributing posters for their titles.

Comic Market 81 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29 through December 31. The poster campaign will continue through January 31 at select blood donation spots in Tokyo. See The Red Cross site for details.

Alchemist announced a couple of other Gal Gun promotions today. The game will see goods sales at Comic Market 81, including these four rubber mats for your smart phone, each priced ¥1,000.

Those who visited Akihabara over the long weekend may have spotted this next promotion. Starting on the 23rd, and running through January 12, Alchemist is airing a promotional video for Gal Gun on the Akihabara UDX Vision monitor. The spots are shown every seven minutes.

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