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Date Set For Level-5's Girls RPG

Check out the bonus item, the Inazuma Eleven crossover, and a new trailer.


Level-5 announced today a final release date of March 8 for its girl oriented 3DS RPG Girls RPG Cinderella Life. The game will be priced ¥5,040.

Girls RPG is based off a popular Level-5 cell phone game called Kyabajoppi. Players experience life as a girl whose goal is to be the number one hostess in Neo Ginza (in its 3DS incarnation, the game does not use the word "hostess" for the profession). You'll be able to customize your character with over 1,000 dresses, hair styles and other items. As you play, you'll work through a story surrounding the "Happy Butterfly," an item that is said to bring good fortune to its holder.

Like its cell phone counterpart, the 3DS version includes cameos from popular anime and manga characters. Even Inazuma Eleven main character Mamoru Endo appears in the game (in grown up Inazuma Eleven Go form).

As a purchase bonus, Level-5 will give buyers a "Butterfly Charm." This is themed around the game's Happy Butterfly item. You'll get one of three colors at random.

Joining the release date, Level-5 released the game's latest trailer as part of Nitnendo's Nintendo Direct broadcast. Take a look at the footage below.

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